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DREAM ON investigates the perilous state of the American Dream by retracing the journey of Alexis de Tocqueville, who helped popularize the idea of the American Dream with his seminal work, Democracy in America. DREAM ON will visit the places de Tocqueville wrote about in 1831 and will consider whether his prescient observations about a young, optimistic country still resonate with Americans after decades of wage stagnation and the worst recession since the Great Depression. As millions of poor and middle class Americans struggle with diminished prospects for the future, the restoration of the American Dream has become the defining issue of our time.

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Money and Medicine
As rising health care costs threaten to bankrupt the country, Money and Medicine examines the medical, ethical, and financial challenges of containing runaway health care spending.
No Tomorrow
An exploration of how our recent documentary unexpectedly became the centerpiece of a chilling homicide investigation and death penalty trial.
Sound & Fury
An intimate portrait of a family at war over a medical technology that promises to end deafness.

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