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Broken Places


After five years as a staff Producer at WNET in New York City, Producer/Director Roger Weisberg founded Public Policy Productions in 1982. Since then, Weisberg has made 33 documentaries on subjects ranging from health care, aging, and the environment to defense policy, child welfare, teen pregnancy, and criminal justice. All of Public Policy Productions’ documentaries have aired in prime time on PBS in the US, and many were televised on foreign television networks around the world. All were extensively distributed in the home video, digital, and educational markets worldwide.

Weisberg's documentaries have won over 150 awards including Peabody, Emmy, and duPont-Columbia awards. Some of his productions were verite style documentaries with no narration. Others were hosted and narrated by prominent actors including Meryl Streep, Helen Hayes, and James Earl Jones, as well as distinguished journalists including Marvin Kalb, Jane Pauley, and Walter Cronkite. Weisberg's 1993 documentary, ROAD SCHOLAR, and his 2000 documentary, SOUND AND FURY, had broad theatrical releases before airing on PBS. Weisberg received an Academy Award nomination in 2000 for SOUND AND FURY and in 2003 for WHY CAN'T WE BE A FAMILY AGAIN?

Public Policy Productions is currently releasing BROKEN PLACES, a feature documentary about why some children are permanently damaged by early adversity while others are able to thrive. In 2017, Public Policy Productions released FIRST DEGREE, about a college behind bars that prevents released inmates from returning to prison. Another recent production, DREAM ON about the vanishing American Dream, was released in 2016.

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