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Broken Places


Roger Weisberg

2018 Broken Places
Why some children are permanently damaged by early adversity while others are able to thrive.

2016 Dream On
An epic road trip in search of the vanishing American Dream.

2015 First Degree
A college behind bars prevents released inmates from returning to prison.

2012 Money and Medicine
As rising health care costs threaten to bankrupt the country, Money and Medicine examines the medical, ethical, and financial challenges of containing runaway health care spending.

2009 No Tomorrow
An exploration of how our recent documentary unexpectedly became the centerpiece of a chilling homicide investigation and death penalty trial.

2007 Critical Condition
A disturbing and intimate portrait of what happens when you’re sick and uninsured in America.

2007 Uncovered
A poignant profile of the struggles of the Nazaretyan family to care for their disabled children without insurance.

2006 Rosevelt’s America
After being tortured and narrowly escaping execution in Liberia, Rosevelt Henderson makes his way to America to build a new life for his family.

2005 Waging A Living
Four low-wage workers struggle from paycheck to paycheck to achieve the elusive American dream.

2004 With No Direction Home
A year in the life of a young man who grew up in foster care and suddenly discovers that he is on his own.

2004 Aging Out
A profile of three teenagers who "age out" of the foster care system.

2002 Why Can't We Be A Family Again
Two brothers struggle to be reunited with their mother who abandoned them a decade ago when she became addicted to crack.

1998-2001 A Brooklyn Family Tale
An unusual nun helps an embattled family raise teenage children who drop out of school, have babies, attempt suicide, and resort to violence.

2000 The Main Stream
Humorist Roy Blount, Jr. journeys down the Mississippi River to explore the literal and metaphorical "mainstream" of America.

1999 Sound and Fury
A loving family is torn apart by a medical technology which promises to end deafness.

1997 Ending Welfare As We Know It, with Meredith Vieira
A profile of families struggling with the effects of welfare reform.

1996 Sex and Other Matters of Life and Death
A feature-length documentary about a unique theater company which uses drama to help teens avoid pregnancy and AIDS.

1995 Sex, Teens, and Public Schools, with Jane Pauley
The controversy surrounding efforts of public schools to stem the tide of early and unwanted pregnancy.

1994 Our Families, Our Future, with Walter Cronkite
A portrait of the American family in crisis along with a look at successful programs across the country that are part of the burgeoning "family support" movement.

1994 Making Welfare Work, with Walter Cronkite
The controversy surrounding experiments to reform our failing welfare system.

1993 What's Ailing Medicine, with Walter Cronkite
The national debate over health care reform seen from the point of view of the three major players: patients, providers, and payers.

1992 Road Scholar
A feature-length film chronicling the cross-country road trip of Andrei Codrescu, the Romanian-born poet and NPR humorist. Released theatrically by the Samuel Goldwyn Company.

1991 Our Children at Risk, with Walter Cronkite

The crisis of child poverty in America and the need to improve access to health care for the nation's disadvantaged children.

1990 Borderline Medicine, with Walter Cronkite
An examination of the health care systems in the U.S. and Canada comparing the quality, cost, and accessibility of care in both countries.

1989 Can't Afford to Grow Old, with Walter Cronkite
The impact of an aging population on America's strained health care system.

1988 To What End?, with Marvin Kalb
The debate over how the United States can provide national security in the nuclear age.

1987 Who Lives, Who Dies, with James Earl Jones

The rationing of medical care and the inequalities in our health care system.

1986 Health Care on the Critical List, with Jack Klugman
The tension between maintaining the quality of health care and containing costs.

1985 Power Struggle, with Meryl Streep
Innovative measures to conserve energy and generate power from renewable sources.

1984 Old Enough to Do Time, with Daniel J. Travanti
The impact of tough new measures to treat juveniles in the adult criminal justice system.

1983 No Place Like Home, with Helen Hayes
The aging of America and alternatives to nursing home care for the frail elderly.

1982 Back Wards to Back Streets
The unintended consequences of the de-institutionalization of the mentally ill and successful treatment programs that integrate former patients into community life.

1977-1980 Help Yourself

An Emmy-winning public affairs series on a range of topics including consumer fraud, domestic violence, divorce, aging, housing, and neighborhood revitalization.