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Broken Places

Health Care on the Critical List

The tension between maintaining the quality of health care and containing costs.

This important documentary shows that the way we pay for health care affects how hospitals are run, how doctors practice medicine, and ultimately how patients are treated. It questions whether the quality of care can be sustained when cost containment becomes the primary objective.

We learn how the "alphabet soup" of alternative health care financing measures, such as HMO's, PPO's and DRG's discourage excessive spending, but often leave hospitals without the resources to provide care for the poor. With private hospitals refusing to treat those who can't pay, the public hospitals are overcrowded and stretched to the limits.

Through dramatic and moving medical cases, the documentary addresses the issue of whether health care should be a right or a privilege.

Golden Gate Award San Francisco Film Festival

Produced by Roger Weisberg

Public Policy Productions, Inc.
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Palisades, NY 10964
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Roger Weisberg, President
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