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Broken Places

No Tomorrow

NO TOMORROW investigates the murder of Risa Bejarano, the principal subject of our recent film, AGING OUT, about teenagers leaving foster care. NO TOMORROW explores how our film about Risa’s last year of life unexpectedly became the centerpiece of a chilling death penalty trial. The film covers the trial’s most dramatic moments in Judge Lance Ito’s courtroom, including a heated debate over the prosecutor’s use of AGING OUT to persuade the jury to impose the death penalty. While the trial focuses on whether Risa’s murderer deserves to die, several leading death penalty experts address the broader question of whether the state deserves to kill him. Ultimately, the unique film-within-a-film perspective of NO TOMORROW takes viewers inside a suspenseful death penalty trial and challenges their beliefs about capital punishment.

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Produced and Directed by Roger Weisberg & Vanessa Roth

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