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Broken Places

Old Enough to Do Time

The impact of tough new measures to treat juveniles in the adult criminal justice system.

"If you're old enough to do the crime, you're old enough to do the time." This documentary investigates the results of this stern policy, a departure from earlier approaches aimed at helping young people reform. We see juvenile offenders tried and sentenced as adults and incarcerated with adult criminals.

The program illustrates four alternative correctional programs: one where minors are referred to community boards instead of the courts; a second based on a wilderness "outward bound" program; a third based on a residential model; and the fourth, a "tracking" program which keeps close tabs on youthful offenders.

The documentary concludes that by locking up juvenile offenders, we gain some short term relief from crime, but in the long run we may be giving up on children who could have been turned around.

Emmy Nominated

Produced and Directed by Roger Weisberg

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